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This is a flexible, powerful platform designed to allow Colorado River Basin stakeholders and the public to explore operational strategies for Lake Powell and Lake Mead as part of the Post-2026 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Process. This tool is intended to support early-stage exploration of operational strategies that may eventually be incorporated into the Post-2026 NEPA alternatives. For more information on this NEPA process, see Colorado River Post-2026 Operations.

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Disclaimer: This tool is for screening and educational purposes only. Nothing in this tool should be construed as representing Reclamation’s positions on future Colorado River Basin operations. The simplified representation of the operational strategies supports screening and is not meant to limit the exploration of additional more complex strategies. Operational strategies included in, created through, or uploaded to this platform are not considered to be official alternatives. Utilizing this tool alone does not constitute formal input or comment into the process. However, to facilitate a rigorous process for screening and developing potential alternatives, Reclamation strongly encourages any parties interested in submitting an alternative to take advantage of the extensive analytical resources supported in this tool by exploring their ideas here. Analyses using this tool are for preliminary evaluation purposes only. Actual operations will comply with all applicable federal treaties, compacts, decrees, laws and regulations.

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