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Version 1.9.0 Release Notes

Version 1.9 contains a number of bug fixes and general improvements to the user interface, as well as the expansion of the Resource Center, including the addition of tool tutorial videos.

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed Tier form label on Operational Paradigm tab.

  • Added feedback for indicating selected sample strategies.

  • Adjusted decimal places for first reduction change and added new equalization column to match Powell release values.

  • Adjusted TH legend alignment for improved readability.

  • Improved messaging for user restarting a strategy model session.

  • Fixed error preventing tabbing through the strategy creation workflow.

  • Improved behavior of the plot update button on the Performance dashboard for better intuitiveness.

  • Fixed issue where updating the performance plot did not update the trace view.

  • Fixed issue where Operational Strategy diagrams were not showing up on the summary tab.

  • Applied fixes to Hoover Spill for Hydro Shortage data representation.

  • Moved two Powell equalization columns before the reduction columns.

  • Fixed label scale on the definition slider rob/vul.

  • Fixed issue where clicking to remove strategies from the OSM removed too many strategies.

  • Updated risk colors for better intuitiveness.

  • Fixed welcome page button alignment issue on Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Modified vulnerability trace view popup to show only annual flow.

  • Modifications to Resource header for consistency.

  • Added column Equalization Trigger (CRSP % Full) to available strategies/suite table and modified other equalization column to Equalization Trigger (Powell Elev.).

New Features:

  • Added a % of average column to hydrology trigger tables.

  • Improved handling of Trace View summary plots representation of y-min and y-max percentage values.

  • Added an Acknowledgments tab.

  • Modified rounding down from .5 MAF to .0001 MAF for some metrics.

  • Enhanced utility of the strategy submission instructions.

  • Redesigned Resource Center, including new video and PDF content.



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