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Version 1.27.2 Release Notes

Bug fixes:

  • Sessions can now be uploaded when the app is in Spanish mode.

  • Save Session

    • Invalid robustness/vulnerability metrics in a save session will now be recovered or replaced with the default definition.

  • Hover effect has been removed from static tables on Strategy Creation & Modification, Performance, and Robustness.

  • Some models with continuous curves for both release and reduction that used equal-contents equalization were incorrectly calculated with threshold-based equalization. Those models have been rerun and the data have been corrected.

  • Units on Difference Between January 1 Mead Storage Percent Full and Total System* Storage Percent Full, Difference Between January 1 Powell Storage Percent Full and Total System* Storage Percent Full, and Difference Between January 1 Flaming Gorge + Blue Mesa + Navajo Storage Percent Full and Total System* Storage Percent Full have been updated to reflect "Difference in Percent".

  • Performance

    • Parallel plot should no longer occasionally fail to render when visiting the performance tab.

    • Colormap now loads properly on initial performance load after loading a session from another tab.

    • Logic no longer runs on robustness and crashes the app.

  • Fixed a crash on Performance when Spanish is the selected language.

  • Vulnerability

    • Fixed a bug where single leaf trees caused the app to crash.

    • Warning about 0% frequency definition will only shown on 0% frequency selection.

    • The Choose Operational Strategy Dropdown on Vulnerability and Summary no longer populates with a single empty option, and when empty will show as empty.

Feature Development:

  • Changed the sort order for the "Available Strategies" table to start with 5 sample strategies, followed by strategies ordered alphanumerically.

  • Additional option for discounting volume has been added to Lower Basin combined storage concepts This includes: (Combined Storage, Tiered, Hydrology), (Combined Storage, Tiered, No Mod), (Combined Storage, Continuous, Hydrology), and (Combined Storage, Continuous, No Mod).

  • Users will be notified with a toast when a strategy they have loaded into the PCM is a custom strategy.

  • Added a "Select All" button to drop downs where it makes sense to have one.

  • Performance improvements in Performance Trace View to load plots fasters.

  • The UI for saving a session has been redesigned to accommodate the saving of partial sessions:

    • Trace view

      • Trace view input are now saved in saved sessions

    • Session filenames

      • Session filenames now append the included parts of the saved session, concatenated with `+` . Full sessions are appended with `full`

  • Save Session Improvements

    • Session schema

      • The session schema has been revised to a structure that enables straightforward reasoning about it's contents.

    • Session Validation

      • Validation of non-conforming saved sessions has been improved. Save sessions with known warnings are now automatically recovered, with improved messaging for users.

    • Saved Performance

      • Data Filters are now applied immediately when a saved session with performance data is loaded from another tab and then visits performance

      • Trace view

        • The trace view UI is slightly more responsive and inputs now function independently of Tradeoff view after initial load.


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