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Version 1.23.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the sidebar wrapping on zoomed or small screens. Now sidebar items scroll when zoomed in so that users can properly access them.

  • Datatable pagelength will again be preserved after selecting a strategy.

  • Improve phase in UI and logic to prevent infinite looping bug.

  • Fixed an issue with the CRSP % full for equalization slider not hiding when disabling equalization for Powell concepts.

  • Saved sessions without a Vulnerability Strategy Id will no longer cause the decision boundary plot to error when loaded on the Summary tab

  • The "Filter by Table" button in the Performance dashboard remains consistent when moving away from and back to the dashboard.

  • The Release Notes navigation icon color is consistent with other UI elements.

Feature Development:

  • The Operational Strategies Suite "Dashboard Added From" column now uses plain text instead of icons

Explanatory Content:

  • Added instructions for the new filtering functionality on the robustness ordered bar plot and the robustness conditions parallel axis plots. 


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