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Version 1.19.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Combined storage checkboxes will display the correct value after loading in a strategy for modification.

  • Fixed a bug to ensure the order of the color of the hydrology adjustments is consistently light to dark for decreasing flow on operational strategy plots.

  • Added support to strategy creation and modification toasts in Spanish.

  • Repaired data related to an error in Run of River releases that were calculated in tiered, non-modified Powell concepts (TH). Corrected strategies include the following:

    • STGY11214

    • STGY05752

    • STGY28709

    • STGY36630

    • STGY97026

    • STGY75238

    • STGY85111

    • STGY99844

    • STGY43887

    • STGY19902

    • STGY67853

    • STGY79533

    • STGY00348

    • STGY63143

  • Update metric values on MSCP Hoover Covered Release Less Than 800 cfs | Percent of Months to use Mead Monthly Outflow instead of Annual Outflow.

  • Fixed an issue where a warning was appearing on Trace View telling the user that their inputs weren't working when they really were.

  • Changed the default direction for Lees Ferry Reach Temperature is Over 20 Degrees C Days in Calendar Year to Stays Below in the Robustness dashboard.

  • Improved the warning messages on Robustness dashboard, when all strategies lead to no robust futures.

  • Improved legibility on x axis labels for Risk View plots.

Feature Development:

  • FIx display of hydrology triggers when adjustments would bring releases below 3.7 maf.

  • Added color coordination to Trace View so that selected strategies have the same colors assigned to them as in Trade-off View, Robustness, and Vulnerability. Added colors to the strategy order selector, the final value info box, and added a colored dot next to the strategy name.

  • Added a pop up notification above the Vulnerability Map with Traces if the Unacceptability Definition has a condition with a frequency of zero to inform the interpretation of the failure rate relative to threshold.

  • The language selected by the user in the app now determines which language email they receive for save session and strategy submission.


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