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Version 1.18.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Data was corrected for strategies STGY76192 and STGY41045, these two strategies were removed from the sample list and were replaced with strategies STGY38444 and STGY80108.

  • Fixed an issue with levers being set properly when loading a policy in for modification more than one time.

  • Fixed a display discrepancy on the "Trigger for First Reductions in Percent Full" column in Your Strategies tab where the value shown represented volume (MAF) rather than percentage.

  • Fixed an issue with a reactivity loop caused by rapidly changing run of river starting elevation.

  • Moved the plot download button to improve legibility in Trace View plots and adjusted y axis positioning to avoid labels getting clipped.

Feature Development:

  • Added a Number of Years Running Average (years) column to the Running Average Inflow paradigm.

  • Added a timeseries plot for Lee Ferry Natural Flow to Trace View which will always populate when Trace View is queried no matter what metrics are selected.

  • Additions to Save Session Files: - Performance colormap & metric orientations - Summary > Risk View selections - Language selection - Vulnerability policy

  • Improvements to Save Session Files: - Better handling for renamed or removed Performance, Robustness, and Vulnerability metrics - Improved saved session data validation

Explanatory Content:

  • Added translation support to new performance metrics.


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