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Version 1.17.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • The release_equalization_threshold_limited_enabled lever was not getting set correctly when loading in a strategy for modification. The lever now gets correctly set and the eq behavior is correctly displayed in the plot.

  • Fixed column ordering issue in HARA Trigger.

  • Ensure consistent label font sizing on annotations in Strategy plots.

  • Fixed issue where continuous Powell concept with no equalization where continuous tier starts below 3700 doesn't display correctly in modify strategy.

  • Unit change in Available Strategies Table for Trigger for First Reductions for Combined Storage Lower Basin delivery concepts from maf to percent full.

  • Repaired data related to an error in Run of River releases that were calculated in tiered, non-modified Powell concepts (TN) for strategies run prior to December 20, 2023. Corrected strategies include the following:

    • STGY21244

    • STGY95836

    • STGY92193

    • STGY66345

    • STGY40031

    • STGY22906

    • STGY39515

    • STGY28857

    • STGY61955

    • STGY59181

    • STGY82797

    • STGY00081

  • Incomplete water year values where filled in on metrics that were impacted that excluded 2027 from the calculation.

  • Fixed issue with cultural icon in Metric Explanation.

  • Updates to names on time series for High Flow Event and Marble Canyon Sand Mass metrics.

  • Elaborated on LTEMP High Flow Event Annual Probability metric calculation in the Metric Explanations tab of the Performance dashboard and verified the metric behaves as expected in the Robustness dashboard.

  • Update description of Lees Ferry Reach Temperature is Over 12 Degrees C Days in Calendar Year metric in the Metric Explanations tab of the Performance dashboard to reflect greater than instead of less than.

  • Change significant figures on the display of Mead Cultural Elev Fluct metric in the Performance Parallel Axis Plot

  • Changes the order of the axes on the Performance Parallel Axis plot from (Powell < 3500, Mead < 1000, LB Reduction Vol) to (Powell < 3500, LB Reduction Vol, Mead < 1000)

  • Reduced the number of significant figures in values on Trace View plots.

  • Resolved crashing issue when trying to filter on Parallel Axis plots in the Performance and Robustness dashboards.

  • Addressed issue where loading a save session doesn't reflect the expect strategies in Robustness results.

  • Adjusted the size of the '0.0%' bars in the Robustness bar plot so they can still be selected.

  • Changed default thresholds on the Glen Canyon Dam Water Year Releas measure in Robustness and Vulnerability definitions.

  • Changed default thresholds on the Hoover Calendar Year Release in the Robustness and Vulnerability definitions.

  • Fixed translation issue with Vulnerability Map.

  • Fixed issue that resulted in incorrect results being reported for overall Vulnerability and Vulnerability for a single policy.

Feature Development:

  • Enhanced behavior of the Available Strategies table to allow columns to be visible when scrolling.

  • The responsiveness of datatable-based strategy selection has been improved and the load time of the performance and policies tabs have been significantly improved.

  • Implemented a new concept into Strategy Creation and Modification where Powell releases are based on X number of years of average inflow.

  • Modify button in Strategy Creation and Modification has been moved to the right side of the policy selection dropdown for better UX.

  • Redesign of Performance axis sorting widget.

  • The Trace View Timeseries and Summary plots now have hover interactivity that highlights the corresponding trace.

Explanatory Content:

  • Updated explanatory content to Version 3 on Technical Information for CRSS modeling assumptions in the Resource Center to reflect equalization behavior specifications.



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