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Version 1.14.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed broken PDF link on Lake Powell Concepts page.

  • Fixed issue where strategies picked on Robustness tab don’t survive when clicking back to Performance.

  • Updated the default tier size for Mead to 40ft down from 50ft to prevent the 8th tier from having zero height.

  • Adjusted diagram layout to improve representation on the printed summary page.

  • Adjusted size of goal icons in metric explanations to be consistent.

  • Fixed issue where filtering the parallel axis plot on Performance crashed the application.

  • Updated data for water year related metrics to exclude incomplete years (2027 and 2057). Time series will be updated to correct 2027 to full water year in the coming weeks.

Feature Development:

  • Added ability for the user to open up multiple Performance Trace View plots at once.

  • Adjusted Vulnerability Time Series Plot to trim extra years from the beginning and end of the series.

  • Added progress bar to improve responsiveness while the summary page is being prepared for printing.



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